Terra Ceia Manor Homeowners' Association
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Terra Ceia Manor Newsletter
APRIL 2020
(Website: www.tcm-mobile-home-park.com)
Editor:  Calla Gonzalez; Printing:  Donna Burch and Rhonda Ritter

Next B.O.D. Workshop: April 15, 9 a.m.
Next B.O.D. Monthly Meeting:  April 20, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to TCM shareholders only.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT – DON FURNACE:  Our Park has certainly been busy?  We’ve had
our annual meeting and elected three new board members!  They are Paul Gillette, Bill
Drayton, and Tom McCoy.
We also had three board members leave the board.  I would like to thank Doug Geen, Bob
Everly and Tom Hanket for their many years of service to our great park.
We are also in the midst of the coronavirus.  All activities inside the club house have been
canceled, and the bathrooms and clubhouse have been closed.  We hope to have them open
Lastly, for those of you heading north, drive carefully, and have a wonderful summer!
Next Meeting:  Monday, October 12, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to
all residents.


The following activities have been suspended either due to the coronavirus or end of season:  
Bible Study, Bid Euchre, Billiards, Bingo, Bowling, Bridge, Coffee Hour, Craft Club, Dulcimer
Group, Euchre, Exercise, Game Night, Hand & Foot Horseshoes, Karaoke Night, Ladies’ Golf,
Ladies’ Luncheon, Mah Jongg, Men’s Golf, Pinocle, Poker, Shuffleboard, Social Hour, Sunday
Night Movies, and Wood Carving

BOCCE BALL – Continuing this activity is at each team leader’s discretion.  Be sure to wipe
down all surfaces.  Keep your distance and no more than 10 people present at one time.  
Margie can be reached by calling  941-448-0702.
GARDEN CLUB - will continue meeting every Tuesday at 9 a.m.  We will take any large pots
you no longer want. For more information, please contact Judi Renkenberger at 260-450-
9940 or Jo Thielen at 941-776-7566.
WATER AEROBICS – is every Monday through Friday (weather permitting) at 10:30 a.m. for
the foreseeable future.  For more information, contact Bernie Reihl at 941-729-0696.

                                               UPCOMING EVENTS

Larry and Mary Thompson can be reached at their cell
phone number 937-418-1151.  No information is available at this time.  All dates and
itineraries are subject to change without notice.


will begin at 9:00 a.m.  This Worshop sets the agenda for the upcoming Board
Meeting.  If you have anything you would like to appear on the agenda, please attend this
meeting.  All TCM Shareholders are welcome and urged to attend.
Only TCM Shareholders may attend
will be held on August 5 at the Eaton
Place Restaurant, 218 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, once again. RSVP to Deanne Davis at
517-543-6630 by August 1.
TEA PARTY – LADIES’ LUNCHEON 2021:  We are planning a spring fling for the ladies’
luncheon in March 2021.  If you plan to attend, please bring a teacup, saucer and spring hats
to Florida next year.  Also, we are in need of teapots.  If you have one we can borrow, would
you let us know?  Sandy Hunter, 765-760-5330 or Pat Banks, 941-264-4757.  Thank you.
                                                LOVE & PRAYERS

Please remember the following residents in your prayers: Bob Lischer, Unit 104; Karen
Dierkens, Unit 128; Sandi Sikkema, Unit 134; Leona Elsenheimer, Unit 159.
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the coronavirus, I will not be delivering fruit bowls to homes of recent
hospital patients.  I will try to do a Sunshine Report on a weekly basis on the Terra Ceia
Facebook page.  I will not do another report until next week, since all recent information
should be in this issue of the Newsletter.
ALBERTA RHODE FORMERLY OF UNIT 102 - We extend our condolences to the family and
friends of Alberta who passed away in February.
JOE TIMMS, UNIT 111 – went to the ER on March 22 with A-fib.  After six hours, he was
allowed to return home.
MARLENE WRIGHT AND SHERRY LA VIGNE, UNIT 124 – were both diagnosed with acute
bronchitis on March 20 and sent to the hospital for testing.  The coronavirus tests results
were negative for both of them.  After a follow-up appointment on March 27, both were sent to
the hospital again.  Marlene was put on an IV and had further testing.  She was sent home the
same day.  Sherry was found to have fluid on her lung and difficulty breathing.  She was kept
overnight for further treatment.  She returned home on March 28 and both are recuperating
at home.
BIRD DIERKENS, UNIT 128 – lost his long battle with cancer on February 28.  A funeral mass
and reception, which were planned for March 17, had to be postponed due to the pandemic.  
Watch this space for future arrangements.  We extend our heartfelt sympathy on the loss of
your husband and our friend, Karen.
JOHN DANDER, UNIT 145 – went to the hospital by ambulance on March 16.  Since Rose
was suffering from a cold, she was sent home and told to stay in for 5 days.  John was
diagnosed with congestive heart failure, A-fib and a virus, but subsequent tests for the
coronavirus were negative.  He received a heart catheterization and his heart was shocked
back into rhythm.  He is hoping to return home soon.
PAT GRIFFIS, UNIT 160 – retuned home following shoulder replacement on March 1.  She is
currently doing physical therapy.
IAN FROST, FORMERLY OF UNIT 216 – We extend our condolences to the family and
friends of Ian who passed away in England.
BRUCE MARTIN, UNIT 242 – was scheduled for an aortic valve replacement on March 24,
but it was postponed because the hospital is doing only non-elective surgery at this time.  He
is scheduled to be re-evaluated next week.
GLORIA SCHWEINSBERG, UNIT 312 – We extend our heart-felt sympathy to Gloria and to
Gerald Houppert on the passing of Charles on March 9.
NANCY DIXON, UNIT 310 – is continuing the restrictions of no weight bearing in the healing
process for her hip, because all of her appointments have been canceled
SHIRLEY MORLEY, UNIT 439 – went to the hospital on March 18 with apparent congestive
heart failure.  Subsequent testing indicated she had suffered a heart attack.  She underwent
surgery on March 24 and received 4 stents.  Unfortunately, Shirley passed away early on the
morning of March 29.  We extend our sincere sympathy to her family and her many friends
here in the park.

Phone: 941-722-8249 / FAX 941-722-9095
e-mail: terraceia@verizon.net
Please fill out the paperwork listing who is taking care of your home and weeds for the
summer.  We also need to know the dates you are leaving and returning.
SOLICITORS: Can take real advantage of you.  If someone comes to your door trying to sell
you a service, ask them to leave immediately. Promptly report the incident to the park
manager giving a description of the vehicle and the direction it leaves.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:  Two days before the end of the month.        
Archives PDF files:
-Printable version-

                                       INFORMATION & THANK YOUs

The 2020-2021 directory is available to be picked up in the office.  The
first copy is free.  Any additional copies will cost $3. We were made aware of an incorrect
phone number after we had printed 100 copies.  The correct phone number for Gail Kleck
should be 817-266-9197.  If her number is incorrect in your copy, please make this change.  
Also please note:  the name for Unit 326 should be Wallace Berry.
GRIEF SUPPORT:  If anyone is interested in attending a grief support group, call Karen
Dierkens at 419-460-1860.
THANK YOU:  Nancy Roberts would like to thank Don and Kathy Furnace for all of their
recent help for her and Jim.
TCM DANCE SCHEDULE FOR 2020-2021:  Saturday, December 30 (New Year’s Eve Eve),
featuring Tony Squirrel; Saturday, February 5, Happy Days.  Bring your bobby socks saddle
oxfords, and poodle skirts! Saturday, March 20, featuring Kevin Brooks.
All dances are from 7 to 10 p.m.  Bring a snack to share and bring your own beverage.  If you
have any questions, please call Pat Banks at 941-264-4757 or Joyce Everly at 941-723-9712
Vol VI, Issue 4
January 2020, Newsletter
February 2020, Newsletter
March 2020, Newsletter
April 2020, Newsletter
TREASURER’S REPORT – TOM MCCOY: The new BOD has their list of duties, and we are
getting a lay of the land and planning how to accomplish our jobs.  We, like the rest of the
snowbirds in Florida, are trying to figure out how and when we are going to head north
safely.  As usual the monthly financial reports will be available in the office.  
Thank you for your confidence in me. I will do the best job I can.