Terra Ceia Manor Homeowners' Association
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Terra Ceia Manor Newsletter
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Editor:  Calla Gonzalez; Printing:  Donna Burch and Rhonda Ritter

Next B.O.D. Workshop:  November 13, 9 a.m.
Next B.O.D. Monthly Meeting:  November 18, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to TCM shareholders only.
As I see the leaves on the trees changing color, it is a reminder for many that it is time to start
thinking about heading south and reconnecting with our friends in Terra Ceia. This month
should see a further influx of northern residents, and the park will start to get busier. It sounds
like our full-time people have had a busy and enjoyable summer season.
We now have a beautifully refurbished pool, and I am sorry to hear that Pat Smith will no
longer be helping to maintain it. I hope we all appreciate how much Pat has done and thank
her if we have the opportunity. Anyone willing to take this duty on would be most appreciated.
If so either Pat or Rhonda could explain the duties. In the meantime the Board will be paying
our Clubhouse cleaning contractor to also look after the pool.
The Board will not be meeting in October but will have the first meeting in November.
Look forward to seeing you soon.
Next Meeting:  Monday, November 4, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to
all residents.

CHANGE OF DATE – Please note the date of the first Rec. Board meeting of the season has
been changed to November 4!


These activities have been discontinued until further notice:  Bingo, Bowling, Bridge, Craft
Club, Garden Club, Horseshoes, Ladies’ Golf, Line Dancing, Mah Jongg, Shuffleboard.
Sunday Night at the Movies, and Woodcarving

BIBLE STUDY – will meet at 1:00 p.m. on Mondays.  For details contact Anne MaGaha (941-
729-2145) or Nancy Amato (607-227-0501).
BID EUCHRE – meets at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, year round, and play begins at 6:30 p.m. For
more information, call Kathy Furnace at 315-250-6904.  Please come early!
BOCCE BALL – A sign-up sheet will be posted for new times and days.  For details, please
call Margie Hochstetler at 517-745-5520.
COFFEE HOUR - will resume at 9 a.m. every Saturday each month at Terra Ceia clubhouse.   
Saturday, October 5th will be our first regular coffee hour. Come hear what will be going on
the rest of the week, meet and visit with your friends, and have coffee and a donut for only
DULCIMER GROUP – is every Thursday 1 to 3 p.m.  Call George Deebel (260-242-2400).
EUCHRE – meets at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday year round...  For details, please call Elaine
Kalbarczyl (517-688-4835).
GAME NIGHT – will be every Friday year round at 6:30 p.m.  Bring your favorite table game
and enjoy ice cream with your friends and neighbors. Contact Beverly Scandrol (941-729-
HAND & FOOT - is played on Thursday year round at 1 p.m. except the second Thursday of
each month. For additional information, please contact Jan Davis at Unit 114 or 941-417-2731.
MEN’S GOLF - begins at 9:30 a.m. on Friday at Terra Ceia.  Please arrive by 9:00.  Please
call Mike Bernard (941-729-5413) if you have questions or need a ride.  Look for a signup
sheet in the Clubhouse.  We will continue as long as we have golfers available.
PINOCLE – meets at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.  We will continue through the end of this
month.  Please contact Lola Berry (941-981-5537) for details.
POKER – begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday and will continue as long as there is an interest.  
For details, contact Don Furnace at 315-250-8343 (or Ron Thomas at 941-524-5097 during
the summer).
SOCIAL HOUR – is every Thursday year round at 5:00 p.m. except the second Thursday of
each month or otherwise announced.  Please bring a treat to share, your own drink, and table
service.  For details, please call Fran Ingallinera at 941-723-9524 or 860-874-7700...
WATER AEROBICS – is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (weather permitting) at 10:30
a.m.  If you have questions, please call Bernadette Reihl at 941-729-0696.

                                                    UPCOMING EVENTS

Larry and Mary Thompson can be reached at their cell
phone number 937-418-1151.  All dates and itineraries are subject to change without notice.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Make-it, Bake-it, Sew-it, Grow-it   
Now is the time to be
thinking about what you would like to donate toward our annual Make-it, Bake-it, Sew-it, Grow-
it Auction.  It is exactly what the title indicates.  Anything you make would be a good item to
donate.  If you don’t consider yourself crafty, you can always donate a baked item. As is our
custom, we will hold the auction on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving (November 24).  The
proceeds will be used for park activities. Please note:  We will not accept store-bought items
that have been in your possession for a period of time.  These items should be donated to
the Rummage Sale in January.  For more information, please contact Joyce Everly at 941-723-
9712 or Calla Gonzalez at 765-490-0892.
                                                   LOVE & PRAYERS

Please remember the following resident in your prayers:   Ken Donaldson, Unit 133.

JUANITA SHUBERG, UNIT 221 – Juanita’s health has deteriorated to the point that she has
been placed in hospice care.
DON FURNACE, UNIT 437 – underwent back surgery on September 19.  His condition was
worse than was anticipated but appears to be recovering well.
DON HAWKINS, UNIT 454 – received stents on September 6 to alleviate a heart blockage.  
He is continuing to recover.
Phone: 941-722-8249 / FAX 941-722-9095
e-mail: terraceia@verizon.net
I am looking forward to everyone returning for the winter!  
SOLICITORS: Can take real advantage of you.  If someone comes to your door trying to sell
you a service, ask them to leave immediately. Promptly report the incident to the park
manager giving a description of the vehicle and the direction it leaves.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:  Two days before the end of the month.        
Archives PDF files:
-Printable version-

                                         INFORMATION & THANK YOUs

PARK DIRECTORY – No changes for this month.
COOKBOOKS – Lola Berry now has the TCM cookbooks while Linda VandenBerg is up
north.  If anyone wants to purchase one, they can contact her at Lot 319.
BINGO - Bingo starts November the 2.  The doors open at 5:30 and bingo starts at 6:30.  
Rosemary will be gone October and November.  If you cannot work in November, please
contact someone on the sub list.
BULLETIN BOARDS  - Do not remove anything from the bulletin boards unless you are the
person who posted it.  Someone is taking sign-up sheets off the board. These sheets are
need to help make reservations and plans for that specific upcoming event..
LAWN MAINTENANCE - PLEASE spray around your homes and air conditioners with weed
killer to help our mowers so they don’t have any damage.  They are doing a wonderful job.  
From the Maintenance Board.
MONDAY AFTERNOON BIBLE STUDY -  We continue to meet in the library every week at 1:
00 p.m., but we'd love to re-invite any as they come back to the park in Autumn.  
Jesus says, "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  
We are studying the Bible to understand Jesus' teachings and how to find that rest.   Jesus
continues "Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye
shall find rest unto your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden light."
THANK YOU - Thank you to everyone who helped with the planning, organizing, and
participation in our summer activities.  It was a very busy summer, playing bocce ball,
shuffleboard, cards, coffee hour, going out for breakfast and dinners, having dinners for
each holiday and a special dinner for celebrating all the summer birthdays and anniversaries,
and our beach days. It was a fun-filled summer.   Gayle Fleury and Joyce Everly.
BOCCE BALL CALL OUT - Margie Hochstetler will be putting up a sign-up sheet for Bocce
Ball. She is planning a fall and winter league, October and January.  Once teams are
created, days and times will be set up for playing.
Some construction will be done on the TCM entrance in about a
month by Manatee County.  They will be replacing 100 foot of pipe under our entrance.  This
project will last about 2 months total; so please bear with them.
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Our HOA Board and Rhonda have done a great job keeping this summer rather uneventful
(financially speaking).  Our finances are still consistent with the budget.  Other than the pool
renovation and clubhouse painting, our expenses are consistent with prior years, and we
continue to maintain a good cash position.  
As always, you may see a copy of the full financial reports from the TCM office.  I encourage
you to stop by and review them.