Terra Ceia Manor Homeowners' Association
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Terra Ceia Manor Newsletter
APRIL 2018
(Website: www.tcm-mobile-home-park.com)
Editor:  Calla Gonzalez; Printing:  Donna Burch and Rhonda Ritter

Next B.O.D. Workshop:  Due notice will be posted in fall
Next B.O.D. Monthly Meeting:  Due notice will be posted
Meetings are open to TCM shareholders only.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT – DOUG GEEN:  The Co-op Board would like to congratulate the
Picnic Committee.  What a great afternoon of food and fun, and it was nice to see such a good
The Board would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
As people head home I would like to wish everyone safe travels and a wonderful summer.
There will be no Workshop/Regular meeting of the Co-op Board for the month of April.
See everyone in the fall.
Next Meeting:  Monday, April 9, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to
all residents.
             The following activities have been discontinued for the season:
Bingo, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, Sunday Night at the Movies
BIBLE STUDY – will continue to meet at 1:00 p.m. on Mondays.  For details contact Anne
MaGaha (941-729-2145).
BID EUCHRE – meets at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, and play begins at 6:30. For more
information, call Nancy Dixon at 941-729-6629.  Play should continue through the middle of
BOWLING - will be on Thursdays.  If you can play, please add your name to the signup sheet
by Wednesday.  We will carpool to South Shore Bowling Alley in Apollo Beach.  Plan to be at
the bowling alley by 9:15 a.m.  Practice begins at 9:30 a.m., and games begin at 9:45 a.m.  
Cost will be $8 for 3 games.  For more information contact Dave Quast at 218-316-4602.
BRIDGE – will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Please arrive in time to pay your $1 and get your
table/partner schedule.  If you are new to the park, we would love to have you join us.  Don’t
be intimidated, we are a very accepting group of all different skill levels.  We will continue on
an informal basis through the middle of April
BUSY BRUSHES ART GROUP - will not meet in April.
CRAFT CLUB - will meet on Friday from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. in the card room.  Come with crafty
ideas and project suggestions! Call Jo Thielen at 941- 776-7566 if you have questions.
DULCIMER GROUP – meets from 1 to 3 p.m. on Friday.  Questions? Call George Deebel
EUCHRE – meets at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday.  For details, please call Elaine Kalbarczyl (517-
will be every Friday at 6:30 p.m.  Bring your favorite table game and enjoy ice
cream with your friends and neighbors. Contact Beverly Scandrol (941-729-8139).
GARDEN CLUB - meets on Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. at the clubhouse.  Please join us!  
For questions, call Jo Thielen at 941-776-7566 or Judi Renkenberger at 941-721-4690. will
continue working thru Tuesday, April 17th.  Thanks to all who helped us this season. A
professional landscape company has been hired to care for the gardens from May through
HAND & FOOT - is played on Thursday (except the second Thursday of the month) at 1 p.m.
For additional information contact Jan Davis (941-417-2731)
LADIES’ GOLF - will be at Terra Ceia Bay Golf course on Fridays around 12:30.  We usually
leave Terra Ceia Manor a little after Noon!  Anyone new to our Park is welcome to join us.  
Just sign up on the sheet in the Clubhouse and indicate if you need a ride or can drive.  
Please call Lynn Searles at 941-721-3245 if you need more information.
MAH JONGG – begins at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.  For information call Gloria Quast (651-
MEN’S GOLF - begins at 9:30 a.m. on Friday at Terra Ceia.  Please arrive by 9:00.  Please
call Mike Bernard (941-729-5413) if you have questions or need a ride.  Look for a signup
sheet in the Clubhouse.
PINOCHLE – meets at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  Please contact Lola Berry (941-981-5537)
for details
begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.  For details, contact Ron Thomas at 941-721-
SATURDAY MORNING COFFEE HOUR – is every Saturday.  We meet at 8:30 a.m. for a
social time and donuts and coffee are served at 9 a.m.  The donuts and coffee are 50 cents
each; just bring your cup!  Please consider hosting a coffee hour.  There is a signup sheet in
the Clubhouse and instructions in the kitchen.  If you are new to the Park, you might consider
co-hosting with someone who has experience.  It is a great time to meet your neighbors and
friends and find out what is happening in the Park!
SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES - showed the last movie on March 25, and will continue next
January, 2019.  See you then!
WATER AEROBICS – is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (weather permitting) at 10:30
2017-2018 TRAVEL CALENDAR - Larry and Mary Thompson can be reached at their cell
phone number 937-418-1151.  All dates and itineraries are subject to change without notice.
         ***Cruise with us to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND in the fall of 2018 ***

will begin at 1 p.m. in the Clubhouse.  Please bring
your table service and a dish to pass.  There is a signup sheet in the Clubhouse.
SUNDAY, APRIL 8 - GOLF SCRAMBLE:  The last Monthly Golf Scramble of the season will
be held at Pinewood/Ironwood Golf Course in Bradenton.  A signup sheet is posted in the
clubhouse.  The list of teams will be posted just prior to the tournament.  Everyone is
welcome.  New Residents – Come and join us.  Please arrive at the course by Noon.  
Following the scramble, we will have dinner at Riverview Café in Palmetto.  If you have
questions, please call Jerry and Jo Thielen at 941-776-7566 or Jim and Lynn Searles at 269-
MONDAY, APRIL 9 – The April REC BOARD MEETING will begin at 9 a.m.  We encourage
everyone to attend.  This Board is in charge of upcoming events and activities in our Park.
will be held at Popi’s 3 at 1:00 p.m.  Seating will begin at 12:45.  The cost will be $15 (includes
lunch, beverage, taxes and tip).  Money is due by April 6 to Beverly Scandrol (941-729-8139)
or Ruth Bandeen (941-212-4659).
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 - TCM BREAKFAST at 8 till 9:30. Please come for a great breakfast
and to visit with friends.  The meals are $5.00 each with the choice of sausage or ham,
pancakes, eggs and toast, or homemade biscuits and gravy. All meals include orange juice
and coffee or tea.
Please remember the following residents in your prayers:  Joyce Frank, Unit 433; Jim
Baird Unit 447; Bob Everly, Unit 470
MARLENE WRIGHT, UNIT 124 – fell outside her home on March 5.  She was treated and
released for cuts and bruises at the ER.  She is recuperating at home.
KEN DONALDSON, UNIT 133 – is continuing to have intense pain in his back and had to
make an ER visit again.  He is currently undergoing testing with possible back surgery in his
ROSE DANDER, UNIT 145 – had hip replacement surgery on March 19.  After some issues
with her pain medication, she seems to be on the path to recovery.  She is receiving in-home
physical therapy.
DUANE DOTTERER, UNIT 239 – We send our sincere sympathy to Duane in the loss of his
mother on Christmas Day.
JO THIELEN, UNIT 354 – is undergoing vein treatment in her legs.  She goes every Thursday
for a total of five weeks.  She is weathering the treatments very well.
CAROL HAWKINS, UNIT 464 - After being at home for a few days, Carol went back to Blake
Hospital on March 11.  She is now receiving kidney dialysis and seems to be responding
positively.  She has been transferred to the rehab facility in Palmetto.
STEVE AMATO, UNIT 466 – is continuing to have a low hemoglobin count.  He has
responded well to treatment and is being tested to find out to cause of his difficulties.
Phone: 941-722-8249 / FAX 941-722-9095
e-mail: terraceia@verizon.net
Please return your completed summer leaving papers before you go so we know who to call
when the need arises. It costs the Park $5.00 per letter for written notification.  If you are
renting your home out next year, be sure to notify the office the length of their stay and if they
have had a background check.  Have a happy healthy summer, and we will see you in the fall.
SOLICITORS: Can take real advantage of you.  If someone comes to your door trying to sell
you a service, ask them to leave immediately. Promptly report the incident to the park
manager giving a description of the vehicle and the direction it leaves.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:  Two days before the end of the month.        
Archives PDF files:
-Printable version-
PARK DIRECTORY:  Our 2018/2019 park directory is now available to be picked up at the
office.  Each unit may have one directory.  If you want more than one, please purchase them
at the office for a cost of $3 per copy.  Please destroy all old directories or take them north
with you.  We already have a change for the directory.  Any changes in the directory will be
printed in this section of the newsletter.  Please make the following change to the new
directory:  Don Furnace’s email address should be dfurnace58@hotmail.com.
ATTENTION GOLF CART DRIVERS:  Please park your golf carts far enough away from the
bike racks so that bikers can park their bikes.
NOTICE:  When you are having work done in your home, make sure your contractor has a
license and insurance to do work in Florida.  If you don’t know, call the Better Business
Bureau in Bradenton and get their rating and see if they are insured.  Thank you, Bernie
NOTICE:  Our Park is very busy with a variety of activities, especially during the winter
season.  This ensures that both refrigerators and the freezer are always full.  Often, when
foods for new are being prepared, there is no place to store the new items.  Please put your
name and date on any food or beverage items left in the refrigerators or freezer from your
events.  If possible, please sell or give away leftovers.  Any left-over food items or beverages
or out-of-date items will be disposed of as necessary.  Linda Vandenberg
CRAFT FAIR—2019:  I want to thank both Lynda Jackson and Rose Dander for all their hard
work on the Craft Fair for the last 2 years.  Both Lynda and Rose have decided to not chair
the Craft Fair in the future. If we want a Fair next year, I need someone to chair the Fair and
someone to oversee the food prep and serving.  In speaking to both Lynda and Rose they
have agreed to help whoever volunteers.  I also believe that, as the Craft Fair falls under my
Recreation Board responsibilities, it is up to me to help the volunteers in anything they need.  
Please contact me if you would like to volunteer to handle to Craft Fair.  Rosemary
Donaldson, 717-422-2897.
BINGO – Next Season:  I want to thank both Rose Dander and Bernie Reihl for all the years
they have handled Bingo.  Both Rose and Bernie have decided not to continue with Bingo.  
While I have volunteered to take over Rose’s responsibilities, I do need some help.  I am
hoping that the ladies and gentlemen who have volunteered in the past will continue to call
bingo, sell the bingo sheets and handle checking on the winning sheets.  I need someone to
act as banker on Monday nights.  I would like suggestions on how we can increase
participation in the Monday night games.  If you are willing to help at Bingo or have any
suggestions, please contact me at 717-422-2897   Rosemary Donaldson
•        Bocce can be played on almost any surface such as grass, dirt, sand, or gravel.
•        The object of the game is to roll the Bocce Ball closest to the Pallina (small ball).
•        Game court boundaries should be determined by players before starting.  An official      
Bocce court is 12’ wide by 60’ long.
•        Bocce comes with eight large balls and one smaller ball (Pallina, Target, Object or
•        Each team will have four balls to use.
•        Players – Game may be played as follows:
   o        One player vs. another – four balls each
   o       Two players vs. two players – two balls each
   o        Four players vs. four players – one ball each
Ball Delivery
•        All players must stand behind player tossing the Bocce Balls.  The area to the front and
to the sides of players must be clear of children, adults or pets.
•        Ball must be tossed with an underhand motion.
•        Each team has the option of rolling, tossing or bouncing the balls down the court,
provided they don’t go out of bounds.  Any player may hit the opponent’s ball out of the court
when trying to obtain a point or decrease the other team’s points.
•        The player tossing the Pallina also tosses the first Bocce Ball of the frame.

Starting the Game
•        A coin toss determines which team starts with the Pallina and his choice of ball color.
•        The starting team has 3 attempts to toss the Pallina within the proper boundaries
(beyond the court midpoint but no closer than 1’ from the side boundaries and 4’ from the
end boundary). If the starting team is unsuccessful within 3 attempts, the opposing team will
have 1 attempt to toss the Pallina within the boundaries.  If the fourth attempt fails, the Pallina
will be placed in the center of the court at the 50’ mark.  At no time does a team lose its
earned Pallina advantage of delivering the first Bocce Ball during the first frame.
•        The starting team (T 1) must deliver the first Bocce Ball to establish the “point” or “in”
ball.  The opposing team (T 2) will then deliver its Bocce Balls until the “point” is taken (T 2
places a Bocce Ball closer to the Pallina than the T 1 Bocce Ball) or until all four balls are
•        The team whose ball is closest to the Pallina is the “in” ball. The opposing team’s balls
are “out”.  Whenever a team gets “in”, the team steps aside and allows the “out” team to
deliver.  This continues until all balls are delivered.
Disqualified Balls
•        Players may hit any other ball or balls to change their position.
•        Any Bocce Ball that goes out of the court is considered disqualified and out of play.
Movement of Pallina
•        Players may hit the Pallina and change its position.  If the Pallina is struck and knocked
out of bounds, the team is “dead”, and play will continue with a new frame.  T 1 from the
previous “dead” frame will remain T 1 and put the Pallina into play.
•        If the Pallina is struck by a Bocce Ball but does not go out of bounds, play will continue
from where the Pallina stops.  The Bocce Ball closest to the Pallina then becomes the “in” or
point ball.
•        The team that scores on the previous frame tosses the Pallina and the first Bocce Ball.  
Any member of that team can toss the Pallina, and this can be rotated among team
members.  If there is no score in the frame, the Pallina is tossed by the same team as the
previous frame.
•        The players of each team may play their Bocce Balls in any rotation they choose as
long as each player plays the same number and pattern of Bocce Balls.
•        Officially the number of points to win a game is 12 points with teams consisting of 1 or 2
players.  When the teams consist of 4 players each, 16 points must be scored to win the
game.  This can vary as decided by competing teams before play begins.
Receiving points:  For every Bocce Ball of T 1 closer to the Pallina than that of T 2, T 1
scores 1 point, and vice-versa.  If all balls are outside the court, there is no score.  (For more
detailed information, consult the pamphlet inside the box of the Bocce Ball Set)
Vol IV, Issue 4
January 2018, Newsletter
February 2018, Newsletter
March 2018, Newsletter
April 2018, Newsletter
•        Our year-to-date financial condition is on target with very little variance to budget in
either our income or expenses.
•        The Annual Review of the 2017 financials has been completed and found to be in
order.  Thanks to Bud Ragan and Ninfa Bailey for their assistance with the review.
•        We have transferred some of our cash that was being held in the checking account
with very little interest to a CD that carries an interest rate of 2% for 18 months.
You are always welcome and encouraged to review any of the financials, and I would be
happy to answer any questions you may have.