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Terra Ceia Manor Newsletter
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Editor:  Calla Gonzalez; Printing:  Donna Burch and Rhonda Ritter

Next B.O.D. Workshop:  Wednesday, December 13, 9 a.m.
Next B.O.D. Monthly Meeting:  Monday, December 18, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to TCM shareholders only.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT – DOUG GEEN: Greetings from your Co-op Board and a somewhat
belated Happy Thanksgiving! The Board sponsored a 1:00 p.m. dinner at the Hall on
Thanksgiving Day, and 78 people enjoyed a meal of turkey, ham and all of the fixings. Many
thanks to all who helped out.
It is nice to see Terra Ceia beginning to fill up with the return of our northern friends. Most of
the Park activities will be swinging into full gear as more people arrive.
I expect many of us will be heading home to spend time over Christmas with our family. I would
like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year and safe travels to
wherever your destination might be.
Next Meeting:  Monday, December 11, 9 a.m.
Meetings are open to
all residents.
The following activities have not yet started for the season:  Horseshoes and Shuffleboard

BIBLE STUDY – will continue to meet at 1:00 p.m. on Mondays.  For details contact Anne
MaGaha (941-729-2145).
BID EUCHRE – meets at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, and play begins at 6:30. For more
information, call Nancy Dixon at 941-729-6629.
BINGO – Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and games start at 6:30 p.m..  Please call Rose Dander
(941-722-5051) for details.  We are hoping to have a better turn-out this year.  Please
support this activity.
BOWLING - will be on Thursdays beginning December 7.  If you can play, please add your
name to the signup sheet by Wednesday.  We will carpool to South Shore Bowling Alley in
Apollo Beach.  Plan to be at the bowling alley by 9:15 a.m.  Practice begins at 9:30 a.m., and
games begin at 9:45 a.m.  Cost will be $8 for 3 games.  For more information contact Dave
Quast at 218-316-4602.
BRIDGE – will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Please arrive in time to pay your $1 and get your
table/partner schedule. We are handling Bridge in a little different manner this year.  We will
have a different host each month, who will be responsible for making sure we have available
participants.  If you are new to the park, we would love to have you join us.  Don’t be
intimidated, we are a very accepting group of all different skill levels.  The host for the month
of December is Roger Peterman (941-479-7651).  Please contact him if you are interested in
participating or watching.
BUSY BRUSHES ART GROUP - will meet on Monday in the card room.  All are welcome.  If
you are a beginner, we will supply you with paints and paper to get started.  The group
meets from 1 to 3 p.m.  Please join us.  Contact Judi Renkenberger (941-721-4690).
CRAFT CLUB - will meet on Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. in the card room beginning.  Come with
crafty ideas and project suggestions! Call Jo Thielen at 941- 776-7566 if you have questions.
DULCIMER GROUP – meets from 1 to 3 p.m. on Friday.  Questions? Call George Deebel
meets at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday.  For details, please call Elaine Kalbarczyl (517-
GAME NIGHT - will be every Friday at 6:30 p.m.  Bring your favorite table game and enjoy
ice cream with your friends and neighbors. Contact Beverly Scandrol (941-729-8139)
meets on Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. at the clubhouse.  Please join us!  
For questions, call Jo Thielen at 941-776-7566 or Judi Renkenberger at 941-721-4690.
HAND & FOOT - is played on Thursday at 1 p.m. For additional information please contact
Jan Davis at Unit 114 or 941-417-2731.
LADIES’ GOLF - Ladies' golf will again be at Terra Ceia Bay Golf course on Fridays around
12:30.  We usually leave Terra Ceia Manor a little after Noon!  Anyone new to our Park is
welcome to join us.  Just sign up on the sheet in the Clubhouse and indicate if you need a
ride or can drive.  Please call Lynn Searles at 941-721-3245 if you need more information.
MAH JONGG – begins at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.  For information call Gloria Quast (651-
MEN’S GOLF - begins at 9:30 a.m. on Friday at Terra Ceia.  Please arrive by 9:00.  Please
call Dave Renkenberger (941-721-4690) or Jerry Thielen (941-776-7566) if you have
questions or need a ride.  Look for a signup sheet in the Clubhouse.
PINOCHLE – meets at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  Please contact Lola Berry (941-981-5537)
for details.
POKER – begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.  For details, contact Ron Thomas at 941-721-
SATURDAY MORNING COFFEE HOUR – is every Saturday.  We meet at 8:30 a.m. for a
social time and donuts and coffee are served at 9 a.m.  The donuts and coffee are 50 cents
each; just bring your cup!  Please consider hosting a coffee hour.  There is a signup sheet in
the Clubhouse and instructions in the kitchen.  If you are new to the Park, you might consider
co-hosting with someone who has experience.  It is a great time to meet your neighbors and
friends and find out what is happening in the Park!
WATER AEROBICS – is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (weather permitting) at 10:30
2017-2018 TRAVEL CALENDAR - Larry and Mary Thompson can be reached at their cell phone
number 937-418-1151.All dates and itineraries are subject to change without notice.
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2017 – King Fisher Christmas Lights, Punta Gorda.  Come join us
and be part of the local holiday tradition of holiday decorations and lights along the canal.  
Boats, beautiful homes, docks and the sea walls are all decorated for the season.  Dinner is
included at the ever popular Captain’s Table Restaurant with a choice of delicious entrees.
JANUARY 9-19, 2018 – Royal Princess Cruise.  Don’t miss this cruise to the beautiful
Caribbean.  (Princess Cay, St. Thomas, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua/Barbuda)  
Look for the detailed flier on our travel board.
TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2018 – Florida Aquarium, Tampa.  Come and explore the great water
outdoors … indoors at the Florida Aquarium.  Enjoy dive shows, close up animal encounters and
over 30,000 aquatic animals and plants – from sharks to playful otters.  A lunch with choice of
entrée is at the historic Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City.
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2018 – Cirque Show.  This is a show that is not to be missed!  It is a
story of all stories, the sight of mysteries and where dreams and fantasy sleep side by side.  The
magic and acrobatics of these Cirque performers are beyond amazing!  There are a maximum of
55 seats for this trip.  Deposit early for your seat!
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2018 – Tarpon Springs – Calypso Queen, St. Pete.  Join us for a
scenic luncheon cruise from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs.  A snack of muffins, fruits and coffee
or juice is awaiting your arrival and a tropical buffet lunch is included on board.  After docking at
the historic sponge docks, enjoy some shopping at the charming mix of storefronts and
admission to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium.
SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY, MARCH 19-31 – Charleston, South Carolina.  Watch for detailed
flier with specific itinerary.
                  ***Cruise with us to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND in the fall of 2018 ***
Joanne Mnahoncak and helpers will, once
again, provide us with her delicious lasagna from 5 to 7 p.m.  Tickets are available from Rec.
Board members at $9.00 each.
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, - GOLF SCRAMBLE:  The Monthly Golf Scramble will be held at
Pinewood/Ironwood Golf Course in Bradenton.  A signup sheet is posted in the clubhouse.  The
list of teams will be posted just prior to the tournament.  Everyone is welcome.  New Residents –
Come and join us.  Please arrive at the course by Noon.  Following the scramble, we will have
dinner at Riverview Café in Palmetto.  If you have questions, please call Jerry and Jo Thielen at
776-7566 or Dave and Judi Renkenberger at 941-721-4690.
snacks and drinks.  Make this tree special with personal ornaments from past memories.  
Everyone is invited to bring something to put on the tree that means something special to them.  
If you would like it back, please put your name on it;  AND REMEMBER.....glass breaks and is
difficult to pack away.  ALSO 9 doors in the clubhouse need to be decorated on December 9
during the tree decorating time.  Pick a team and adopt a door and HAVE FUN.  Prizes will be
awarded.  Bring decorations or some will be provided.  (No drawing on the door – you can draw
on plastic tablecloth and hang on the door if desired.  This is a time to spend with your TCM
family, come and have a good time.  P.S. anyone wishing to help string lights on the outside
bushes (no building) can contact Patti Berkey – 941-721-9267, and we will set up a time.
MONDAY, DECEMBER 11 – The December REC BOARD MEETING will begin at 9 a.m.  We
encourage everyone to attend.  This Board is in charge of upcoming events and activities in our
DIRECTORS will begin at 9 a.m.  This Workshop sets the agenda for the upcoming Board
Meeting.  If you have anything you would like to appear on the agenda, please attend this
meeting.  All TCM Shareholders are welcome and urged to attend.
THURSDAY,         DECEMBER 14 – THE MONTHLY LADIES’ LUNCHEON will be held at the
Back Bay Grill.  The cost will be $10 (includes lunch, drink, dessert, and tip) per person and will
begin at Noon.  A signup sheet is posted in the Clubhouse. Please sign up by the 6th and pay
by the 8th.If you have questions, please contact Paula Lockenwitz at 941-301-4795 or Gayle
Fleury at 941-773-5456.
MONDAY, DECEMBER 18 – The December BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING will begin a 9 a.
m. Only TCM Shareholders may attend.
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30 – PRE-NEW YEAR’S DANCE/PARTY from 7 to 10 p.m.  Music will
be provided by Patsy & Magellan.    BYOB and bring a finger food dish to share. Tickets are $10
each, and will be available at Saturday coffee hour or from any Rec. Board member.  

Annual Bazaar will be held on January 24.  Please see the attached flyer for details.
Craft Fair 2018 will be held on February 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Set up will be on
February 16 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.  If you are interested in having a craft at the show please call
Rose Dander (941-722-5051) or Lynda Jackson (937-935-9510).
Chicken Barbeque.  The annual chicken barbeque prepared by Bob Mnahoncak and his crew
will be held on February 24 from 5 to 7 p.m.
Please remember the following residents in your prayers:  John Reihl, Unit 130; Al
Shay, Unit 318
HOWARD DISHON, UNIT 129 – During testing it was discovered that Howard has an aortic
aneurism.  Because of the size of it, nothing will be done at this time.  He underwent a heart
catheterization on November 28.  A stent was inserted in one artery.  He is at home and
recuperating until they can head south.
NATHALEA ARMENTROUT, UNIT 236 – had open heart surgery a few months ago.  Although
she is doing well, they will be here later than usual or not at all this season.
LORRAINE HAAS, UNIT 410 – has a pinched nerve in her neck.  Therefore, they will not be
here until after Christmas.
BRUCE DAVIS, UNIT 440 – Bruce was in the hospital for three days due to blood clots in both
legs and his lungs.  He is at home now and hopes to head south during the first part of
ARTHUR SHAPIRO, UNIT 462 – has been having problems with his vision.  It was discovered
that, due to his medication, he has experienced bleeding behind his eye.  In an attempt to
alleviate the situation, he underwent a procedure on November 20 to insert a Watchman.  
Unfortunately, the procedure was unsuccessful.  At this time, he is trying to control the
situation with baby aspirin.
Phone: 941-722-8249 / FAX 941-722-9095
e-mail: terraceia@verizon.net
You should be getting your new coupon booklets.  If you pay at the office, you MUST bring in
a coupon to go with the payment!   AMI will be in shortly to inspect our homes and flower
beds.  If you have weeds or if your home needs washed or your roof needs washed or even if
your home needs painted, please see that this is attended to so we don’t accrue anymore
letter expense.  
SOLICITORS: Can take real advantage of you.  If someone comes to your door trying to sell
you a service, ask them to leave immediately. Promptly report the incident to the park
manager giving a description of the vehicle and the direction it leaves.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:  Two days before the end of the month.        
Archives PDF files:
-Printable version-
PARK DIRECTORY:  Unit 133, Rosemary Donaldson’s cell phone is 717-422-2894; Unit 134,
new phone number;  941-725-3071.
WANTED- extra craft items for decorations and craft classes...  If you have any craft items
that we may use in the craft department please contact Patti Berkey, Lot 422.  Needed: old
colored socks and scrap 2X4 wood, any colored construction paper, colored markers, ribbon
or bags of rice.  Thank you.
BRIDGE LESSONS – Have you always wanted to play Bridge, or do you need a refresher
course?  We have an accomplished Bridge player/teacher willing to begin lessons after the
first of the year.  There will be a
signup sheet in the Clubhouse for anyone who is interested.
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